Confirm and document the value you receive with our rolls.

At Precision Roll Grinders, we are dedicated to showing you the value of our services in your manufacturing line. By using our dedicated team of industry specialists and engineers, we work with our customers to develop a statistically validated study to show the improvements that our rolls provide.

This may be longer roll life, improved quality, or material savings that all lead to increased profit. This not only provides our customers with confirmation of their process improvements but verifies that our team is providing the best quality services available.


Design of Experiments (DOE):

Setting Objectives and Defining the Process Variables

Our studies are custom designed for each customers facility and product production process. It begins with a consultation to decide what process(es) the customer would like to study and the objective(s). The process variables that support the objective(s) would then be chosen as the data collection focus.

Design of Experiments (DOE):

Experiment Design

PRG develops a process for data collection for the chosen subject of the study. This may be through the manual measurements taken from product samples or by using customer supplied data if it is sufficient for the study. When necessary, the measurement system will be verified using MSA (Measurement System Analysis) to ensure that the data is being collected in an accurate and repeatable manner. When needed, a timeline for data collection with our customer is made to ensure sure the data will accurately represent the results of the study.


Design of Experiments (DOE):

Execute, Analyze and Interpret

Once the preliminary study has been outlined, PRG will work with your facility to carry out the data collection. Once the data has been collected, we analyze the data in software and provide the results and what they can mean for your production facility in terms of real economic benefit.


We continue to provide the reliable, cost-saving services and value-added verification we’re known for — but now, in a new “virtual” environment.

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