Rely on PRG to deliver the tight tolerances required to achieve the minimum thickness for maximum product quality and profits.

Progressive rubber manufacturers throughout North America rely on PRG for a complete range of roll refinishing, grinding, repairing and refurbishment services that meet or exceed specification. We help them maintain product quality and consistency, keep machinery running at top condition for longer periods of time, reduce waste and conserve energy and resources.

PRG’s off-machine roll grinding is the key. For all aspects of the rubber industry, off-machine roll grinding is better than in-place roll grinding. In-place (block) grinding is done in bearings on the machine, which does not produce rolls that meet the original specifications. If something is off on one side or anywhere on the roll, it can’t possibly attain proper shape, roundness and TIR.

Our superior off-machine roll grinding results in rolls that meet or exceed OEM specifications — and deliver significant efficiencies and savings:

  • Tolerances of ±20 millionths of an inch achieved
  • Reestablished end relief for proper operation
  • Removal of roll corrugations and defects
  • Control surface finish to minimize start up time
  • Uniform surface finish using grinding wheel, not blasted
  • Complete hardness mapping of roll face available
  • Significant improvement in mill productivity and profit for the manufacturer
  • Increased run time of rolls
  • Reduced bearing failures
  • Energy savings
  • Rolls are installed in “ready to run” condition


Team with PRG to make sure all aspects of your assembly are properly maintained.

Round rolls do more than provide a consistent product. They reduce the wear on machines — wear that creates unnecessary chatter, vibration and more. Working with PRG assures that all aspects of your assembly are properly maintained. All work is performed at our facilities, guaranteeing the grind is done right the first time.

Our services include:

  • Roll grinding
  • Journal repair
  • Internal cleaning and refinishing
  • Refinishing
  • Refurbishment
  • Replacement rolls
  • Specialized services for all makes, models, weights and dimensions of rolls

All our roll grinding is done at our facilities on the most modern and accurate grinders in the world.

PRG grinding is a proven process guided by computer data. Bearings and housings are removed to guarantee a perfectly round roll in a temperature-controlled facility. In addition, all rolls are measured using a 24-point SpecCheck™. PRG never blindly assumes bearings are working properly and that the journals are without issues such as chatter or lack of roundness.

Manufacture large-scale equipment? It’s not a problem for PRG. Our physical capabilities are among the best in the nation.

See our grinding and CNC lathe capabilities

What can PRG save you...

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  • My rubber mill has a poor profile, how do we improve the efficiency?

  • How can the poor profile in my rubber mill cost us millions of dollars?
  • Is it true that poor profiles in my mill affect the laminating process and cost?
  • How can better profiles improve our operation even with the increased downtime due to roll changes?

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