Texarkana, Arkansas

4000 East 19th Street
Texarkana, AR 71854

Tel: (870) 216-4000

Texarkana, located on the boarder of Texas and Arkansas, is made up of two cities with the same name, connected across the state line, which runs through the center of Texarkana. It is uniquely located 144 miles from Little Rock, Arkansas; 75 miles north of Shreveport, Louisiana; and approximately 200 miles east of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.
Texarkana’s motto of “Twice as Nice,” reflects the political nature of the dual city structure. There are two of almost everything including city mayors, city governments, police departments, and fire departments.
This duality, coupled with a temperate climate, also enhances Texarkana recreational activities, as evidenced by the many fairs, bluegrass festivals and rodeos that take place. There is also an abundance of lakes, historic sites and golf courses, all of which can be enjoyed year-round.
The city boasts good public and private schools as well as a large manufacturing base. This combination contributes to a strong and healthy economy.

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