Produce more quality, finished stock from less raw material with help from PRG’s roll-refinishing services.

PRG’s roll care services are second to none in the metals industry. We meet the tightest optical and geometric specs, as well as the ultra-tight delivery cycles that you require. We will service your rolls beyond even OEM capabilities — at tolerances of up to +/- 20 millionths of an inch. We guarantee it — with our 24-point Spec Check™.

Using our roll services will obviously provide savings to your bottom line.

  • Longer life and productivity between grind intervals
  • Uniform surface finish within specified range
  • Tighter tolerances (up to +/-20 millionths of an inch) and uniform finish
  • Less vibration to affect other machine areas
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less downtime
  • More finished stock from less raw material


PRG outperforms in-house grinding operations

Areas of expertise:

  • Work rolls
  • Backup rolls
  • Bridle rolls
  • Squeegee rolls
  • Hot milled rolls
  • Cold milled rolls
  • Reversing rolls
  • Turning rolls
  • Tower rolls
  • Applicator rolls
  • Temper mill rolls

Our industry-leading roll grinding services include:

  • CNC grinding on rolls as large as 240,000 lbs.
  • Comprehensive shaft and journal repair 
  • Computer-controlled profiles
  • Special profiles

  • Barrel surface finishes and repairs
  • Brush plating
  • Mirror polishing
  • New chrome plating

  • Tungsten carbide coating
  • Turning
  • Seal fit repairs

PRG’s service begins with a free consultation at your facility.

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  • Can I improve the results to my tapered neck grinds?
  • How can I get fillet ring repairs done?
  • Will journal grinding improve my product?

  • I need help with inner race grinds.
  • How do I improve the optical finish requirements on my product?
  • I am having issues with diameter match.

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