Improve your chocolate’s fineness or grade with our chocolate refiner refurbishment services

PRG can help you produce better product, improve your relationship with your customers, win repeat business and improve your bottom line – using equipment you already own.

Our expertise in the chocolate industry spans over four decades. Since 1970, we’ve worked with leading chocolate machinery manufacturers like Buhler, Carle & Montanari, Lehmann, Bauermeister and more, building our understanding of all aspects of the industry.
Use our knowledge of chocolate refiner refurbishment to help you …

  • Increase production
  • Improve fineness or grade
  • Lower maintenance and equipment costs
  • Lower water and power consumption
  • Engineer quieter operation


Have PRG refurbish your equipment and save

PRG’s refurbishment services often cost less than 15% of the cost of a new chocolate refiner. We offer complete refurbishment solutions to repair and improve your system.
PRG Services Include:

  • 24-hour in-plant service
  • Retrofit of older refiners
  • Preventive maintenance and inspection
  • New replacement roll shells and complete rolls
  • On-site machine rebuilds
  • Worldwide service and assistance
  • Roll grinding, repair and replacement

Our complete refiner services include:

  • Full machine inspection report
  • Complete dismantling of refiner
  • Comprehensive cleaning, sanding and painting
  • Overhaul of all hydraulic systems:
    • Pumps and motors
    • Hydraulic cylinders
    • Gauges (recalibrated and tested)
    • Regulators

  • Reassembly of refiner
    • New bearings, lip seals and felt seals
    • Hopper plates repaired and fitted
    • Take-off blade holders repaired and fitted
    • All mounting pins polished and lubricated
    • Safety guards repaired and manufactured
    • Drive motors rebuilt

  • Custom tailored water systems
    • Original equipment tested and repaired
    • Water box repairs
    • Water manifolds fabricated to fit any refiner
    • Nonmetallic water funnels
  • Retrofitting of older refiners with automatic digital water temperature controls and/or dry run protection systems

Following refurbishment, customers are invited to attend the final test run to ensure complete satisfaction.


Choose the refurbishment option that’s most convenient for you

PRG offers four service options to meet your plant’s needs:

  • Send the entire machine to PRG for complete refurbishment.
  • Send rolls, gears, hopper side plates, bearings and housings.
  • Send rolls, gears and hopper side plates.
  • Send just the rolls to be inspected, cleaned, ground and de-scaled. PRG will then re-cut the face lengths and polish journals.
When the time comes for a new or replacement refiner, PRG will even help evaluate machinery before purchase.

See what our customers are saying

"Every job that we have sent to you (PRG), we have been very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship. We look forward to the future knowing we have someone reliable to do the high quality of work with our name on it. This is what has made us the leader in the motor repair industry throughout the U.S."

Curtis Lamborn, Machine Shop Coordinator, FLANDERS

"PRG's Roll Armor(SM) made a huge impact on our run-ability. We've seen a 1½% increase in throughput. That's a very substantial figure especially considering our level of volume!"

Dave Beadell, Production Specialist for Super Calenders and Winders, UPM KYMMENE BLANDIN

What can PRG save you...

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PRG’s service begins with a free consultation at your facility.

Call today to speak to the experts at Precision Roll Grinders

If you have any of the following issues or questions about your refiner, give us a call.
The consultation is absolutely free.

  • My chocolate product is gritty and does not meet micron specification. I can’t sell this!
  • How do I minimize my scrap in my chocolate production process? 
  • Will a regrind of my rolls speed my chocolate production process?

  • How can I maximize my production efficiency?
  • I see an increase in water or power usage in my chocolate process!
  • How can I reduce my cost of production?

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