PRG’s the only company in North America that delivers grinding, repair and service solutions that address material usage, startup costs, temperature control and quality metrics.

Regardless of the style of resilient flooring you manufacture, quality, productivity and cost play a critical role in the success of your facility. Trust PRG’s grind and roll service capabilities to help you achieve your production and quality objectives. We’re the best option for servicing rolls for calendered vinyl sheets and luxury tile.

Our experts grind rolls to extremely tight specifications at both operating and room temperature:

  • Tolerances up to +/- 20 millionths of an inch
  • Surface finishes as fine as ¼ micro inch Ra
  • Ensures dependability


PRG’s value extends beyond technical advantages.

Since 1970, the roll grinding experts at PRG have built long-term relationships with clients based on trust. To that end, we promise:

  • No surprises. Your rolls are serviced correctly. A detailed grind report tells you everything you need to know about the condition of your rolls pre-and post-grind.
  • We deliver. On time. Every time. Any time. Holidays? Emergencies? We’re here to serve you.
  • We’re familiar with all aspects of the flooring industry and have a comprehensive understanding of your rolls and demands.

Our roll grinding services Include:

  • Cleaning and descaling rolls: ensures uniform heat transfer both across the base and around the circumference.
  • Installing and repairing races, journals and thrust flanges
  • Repair of metal rolls

  • New chrome plating
  • 3D grinding
  • New tungsten carbide coating

PRG’s service begins with a free consultation at your facility.

Call today to speak to the experts at Precision Roll Grinders

If you have any of the following issues or questions about your refiner, give us a call.
The consultation is absolutely free.

  • How can I reduce the variability in our calendered sheet thickness?
  • How can I correct surface finish on both my rolls and calendered sheet?
  • I can’t correct temperature profile on my rolls.

  • How can I improve start up times and long production runs?
  • I need a 3D or Hot Grinding service

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