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We help flaking mills stay up and running, and crush mills squeeze every ounce from every extraction.

From helping the top breakfast cereal producers keep their flaking mills churning out everyone’s favorite flaked cereals to assisting crush mills create more product from less raw material, PRG’s grinding experts have an extensive understanding of what manufacturers in the flaking and crush mill industry require. 

For flaking mills and crush mills, true roll grinding — which is what we specialize in — is better than in-place roll grinding. In-place (block) grinding is done in bearings on the mill, which does not produce rolls that meet specification. If something is off on one side or anywhere on the roll, the roll can’t possibly attain proper shape, roundness and TIR.

The result … rolls that meet or exceed OEM specifications — and deliver significant efficiencies and savings:

  • Reestablished end relief for proper operation
  • Uniform surface finish using a grinding wheel, not blasted
  • Roll corrugations and defects removed
  • Control surface finish to minimize start up time
  • Complete hardness mapping of roll face available
  • Increased run time of rolls
  • Reduced bearing failures
  • Energy savings
  • Rolls are installed in “ready to run” condition


Precision’s roll grinding and service also allows for maintenance to the internal cooling mechanisms, housing and bearings.

Which results in all these benefits

  • Uniform roll cooling
  • Increased run time of rolls
  • Increased oil extraction yields (crush mills)
  • Complete inspection of housing and bearings
  • Reduced or eliminated downtime for bearing repair
  • Detailed cleaning and painting of housings

We can also help you minimize — or better yet — prevent downtime.

PRG offers emergency service, as well as fabrication and grinding services for spare or new replacement rolls.

  • Reduces downtime due to scheduled maintenance or unplanned equipment failure.
  • It generally takes less time to change out rolls than grind them in-place.
  • Allows for scheduled change outs versus emergency repairs.

What can PRG save you...

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Food Crush Roll Savings

Spotlight on Soybean Oil


73.2 percent of processed soybean oil flakes are out of spec

Which means your flakes are likely to be out of spec as well. And according to a study published by the American Oil Chemist Society*, flakes that fall outside of the 0.010”-0.015” desired thickness will not release all of their oil. This discarded oil represents between $7-16 million in lost revenue every year. Click here to download our one-sheet.

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squeezing maximum profit out of your soybean flaking mill

PRG’s service begins with a free consultation at your facility.

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Common Flaking Mill Issues

  • How do I stop ribbons from happening?
  • How do I get uniform flakes?
  • How do I reduce hot spots?
  • How do I minimize waste from my flaking mills?
  • How do I increase my yield from the flaking mill?

Common Crush Mill Issues

  • How do I maximize my oil yield?
  • How do I reduce down time on my crush mills?
  • How do I maximize throughput from my crush mill? 

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