No assembly is too large — we have the facilities and the know-how to handle the largest massive rotational components and shafts

PRG offers a wide variety of precision grinding, machining and repair services to industries using large shafts, cylinders, turbines and pulleys. In fact, our solutions are well-known within the defense, shipbuilding, power generation and manufacturing sectors.

And our physical capabilities and facilities? The best in the U.S. No other roll grinding service can handle the depth of service needs in the wind and turbine industry that we can.


Specialty services to address the unique needs of your industry

PRG specializes in journal, high-speed rotor, high-speed armature, and shaft repairs as well as grinding, flange adjustments and clean-up for a variety of applications:

  • Wind turbine main shafts
  • Natural gas power turbines
  • Diesel electric power generators
  • Steam generators
  • Large compressors
  • Hydro power generators
  • Large pumps
See our grinding and CNC lathe capacity.

Avoid unplanned downtime

PRG also offers emergency service as well as fabrication and grinding services, for spare or new replacement parts to reduce downtime due to scheduled maintenance or unplanned equipment failure.

Let us work with your plant to:

  • Create a maintenance plan that works around your schedule
  • Guarantee faster, easier emergency repair in the event of unforeseen issues
  • Work with your Operations Managers and Maintenance Supervisors to identify any possible areas of concern

PRG’s service begins with a free consultation at your facility

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If you have any of the following issues or questions about your refiner, give us a call.
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  • We have excessive vibration in our turbine.
  • Can you correct the bearing inner race movement.

  • How do we get poor electrical runout readings corrected?
  • Can the axial movement on our shaft be reduced or eliminated?
  • Our current grinding and machining providers are not meeting specifications. Can PRG do this work?

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