Realize thousands in cost reduction and combined profit by perfecting your battery electrode production process

The performance of the lithium-ion batteries you produce is significantly influenced by the calender rolls in your machinery. The electrode coating compaction process requires extreme grind tolerances on calender rolls to ensure proper functionality and performance in an electrode.


Only PRG grinds to the tolerances required for advanced battery manufacturing

PRG provides the tightest grinding tolerances in the world — as precise as 40 millionths of an inch TIR. The rolls you receive from PRG are serviced and ground to the proper roundness, TIR and surface finish — all critical to building a better battery.

Improve your battery cell performance and life

In-spec calender rolls yield reduced electrode caliper variation, and reduced porosity variation leading to better wettability. Variation reduction also makes for or leads to improved packaging. This improves not only the battery’s energy density, but also charge/discharge rates and cycle life.


Experienced with the EV Industry: Batteries...and beyond

Our roll grinding expertise is employed by customers across a wide array of industries manufacturing products for electric vehicles. Our rolls not only contribute to making the batteries that power the vehicles, but also the rubber used to produce the tires, the film inside safety glass, and much more. Roll over highlighted items below for additional details.

Industries that PRG serves within EV manufacturing…

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  • Metals
  • Safety Glass Film
  • Carbon Fiber/Composites
  • Adhesives/Coatings
  • Battery Electrodes
  • Filtration
  • Tires

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  • Can you replace the chrome coating with tungsten carbide?
  • What crown is needed to adjust the electrode profile?

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