Production On The Line: 9 Reasons Your Rolls Need CNC Grinding

More and more manufacturers are switching from manual to CNC grinders. With better lead time and productivity, hands-off programming, higher accuracy and tighter tolerances, automated CNC grinding is quickly becoming a no-brainer for production efficiency. 


Numerical control (NC) is the automation of machine tools operated by precisely programmed commands encoded on a storage medium. This is in opposition to manual control via hand wheels or levers, or mechanical automation via computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs.

Most NC today is computer numerical control (CNC), which simply means that computers play an integral role in controlling the systems.


1. When properly set up in the proper environment, you get a variety of options for your profile.

Proper setup:
  • Bearings and housings are removed.
  • Bearings seat is ground round and concentric to the roll face.
  • Proper environment:
  • Temperature is controlled.
  • Foundation is isolated.

2. You’re able to make three-dimensional grinds, which is very important for certain roll grinding situations and specialized products.

3D grinds are crucial for rolls that fit the following scenarios:
  • Running at over 285 degrees F
  • Used for making critical products, which may have minimal caliper variation
  • Used for products that need outstanding surface uniformity

3. By positioning the center of the crown at the specified location, you help the papermaker or manufacturer dial in the exact crown they need on their rolls.

4. You provide the papermaker or manufacturer with the same crown 360 degrees around the roll.

5. You’re able to reproduce the same roll surface quality, roll shape and roundness each time – consistency that gives precision grinding its name and claim to fame.

6. You deliver a product back to the customer with exact specifications faster than any other type of grinder allows for.

7. Grinding a compound crown per specification is simple and seamless.

8. You have the ability to program the CNC to grind a tabular curve profile.

9. Programming for the crown is exact and repeatable because it does not rely on the “closest” CAM and gears.
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