Precision Roll Grinders vs. Other Grinding Services The Rewards of Value, Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, we discussed PRG’s value in terms of roll longevity (roll shape over time). This week, we’ll attach the dollar amounts associated with working with PRG vs. working with roll grinding services with lower UPFRONT costs. We’ll also discuss the HIDDEN costs that, at the end of the day, gouge your bottom line – by thousands of dollars!
UPFRONT COSTS: The Price of Roll Performance

You’ll recall the diagram below from our last blog. Remember! Tight tolerances lead to rolls that run more efficiently over longer periods of time. As you can see, the competitor’s grind requires a regrind after just 6 months in operation.
Today, we’ll add some dollar values each point in the chart to help you understand the bottom line – the real costs – associated with inferior grinds. First, let’s define the upfront costs of a roll grind done by a competitor vs. a roll grind by PRG. We’ll never be the least expensive grind, but over time, this chart will demonstrate that dollar for dollar, a PRG roll grind provides better value!

Let’s assign some hypothetical monetary values to each of these points:

*Costs noted here are for demonstration purposes only. PRG quotes each grinding job individually. Competitor costs are based on a general average as reported by clients.
The chart demonstrates that PRG’s roll far outlasts the competitor grind. After 15 months the PRG regrind outperformed the competitor regrind, by at least 9 months. The value of a quality roll grind is clear!
HIDDEN COSTS: Production-Related Losses

Saving $7,500 is just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a list of additional revenue losses due to multiple regrinds required by an improperly ground roll over time:
  • Production time lost because of an improperly ground roll totals several hours per roll change
  • Revenue lost per hour of downtime
  • Material wasted while running improperly ground rolls
  • Revenue lost due to degraded speed and inefficient production
The combined savings accrued might surprise you.

Remember! These numbers tell the story of an actual paper mill, who learned the hidden costs associated with perceived value.
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