WEBINAR - Well, we’re grinding here in Allentown

Well, we’re grinding here in Allentown …

You might remember, back in the ‘80s, Billy Joel wrote a song about Pennsylvania’s third largest city — Allentown. The city and surrounding area referenced in that top 40 hit has been home to many industry and manufacturing giants past and present. From Bethlehem Steel (in the song) and Mack Trucks to the crayon-producing Crayola organization and Just Born candy company, which manufactures those Easter favorites, Marshmallow Peeps and Bunnies. The widely known city is also home to—you guessed it—Precision Roll Grinders.
Yes, Allentown, Pa. is where PRG first started more than 50 years ago. It’s the first and oldest of our four locations (others can be found in Carrollton, GA; Lewisport, KY; and Texarkana, AR). And it’s the subject of our latest webinar, “Capacities and Capabilities in Allentown,” which gives you an exclusive inside look at this PRG facility. Get details on the multiple roll services we provide at this particular location, why they are superior to those of other providers, and how they can help improve the efficiency and run-life of your rolls.  
You’ll learn about all the various types and sizes of rolls we service at our Allentown facility, and the valuable bearings and housings work conducted at this location as well. You’ll get an up-close look at our grinding and CNC lathe capacities and discover how the specific type of grinders we have in Allentown enable us to achieve the industry’s tightest tolerances for your rolls —as fine as twenty millionths of an inch.

Living here in Allentown
We’ll also discuss the wide range of roll testing we can perform on rolls sent to this Pennsylvania facility — dynamic balancing, static/dynamic leak testing, nondestructive leak testing and ultrasonic crack testing — and explain what each accomplishes and why it benefits your rolls. Finally, you get a peek at the division of our Allentown facility dedicated to chocolate refiners and get a run-down of the many services we provide for these refiners, such as rebuilds, shell swaps, temperature sensor programming, and of course, grinding.
Come see what we’re doing here in Allentown and how it can help improve the quality of your rolls’ grinds, performance and run-life. Watch “Capacities and Capabilities in Allentown” today by clicking the image below. 

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