When Wet Streaks Return, Reevaluate Your Rolls!

Wet Streaks Have Caused the Paper Industry Problems for a Long Time

1921 Edition of The Paper Mill and Wood Pulp News reported, “Previous to the installation of suction couch and press rolls, paper carried unequal amounts of water to the dryers. Spots and wet streaks prevailed.”

Everyone in the Paper Industry Has Struggled with Wet Streaks.

Some believe that wet streaks are just part of a machine’s profile. Others have tried everything, including adding unnecessary technology. These expensive adjustments include:
  • Adding steam boxes and focused high heat sources.
  • Replacing felts early.
  • Slowing machines down.
And still? Wet streaks prevail! All of these adjustments only treat symptoms, not the actual issue. The root cause of the problem may be your rolls.
But I’ve Already Hired a Roll Grinder!

If this is the case, yet you continue to see wet streaks in your paper product, it’s time to take a good hard look at your roll specs. In fact, it’s time to examine your roll grinds.
First, you really need to understand your roll specifications. It’s possible that your rolls weren’t ground properly. That’s right. Check and see if they are on specification. If wet streaks prevail, chances are, your rolls are out of spec. It’s that simple.
Most roll grinding services are not able to achieve OEM specifications, even OEM’s who often outsource roll grinding work. Remember! The OEM’s primary focus is the manufacturing and assembly of equipment, not roll grinding. Almost no one is able to achieve better than-OEM specifications. They might meet some, but not all of the proper roll geometry parameters to guarantee that rolls perform without producing wet streaks. Here are a few problems we’ve seen over the years:
  • Most roll grinders don’t have the right roll grinding equipment.
  • Most grind on bearings. Some are unable to maintain their equipment.
  • Some don’t work in temperature controlled facilities.
  • Most don’t grind rolls on isolated foundations.
The Battle Against Wet Streaks Can be Won!

Precision Roll Grinders’ experts:
  • Work on well-maintained equipment.
  • Perform all roll grinding services at the proper temperature range.
  • Grind rolls on million-pound foundations that are built with shock-absorbing springs to provide the optimum vibration-free environment for finishing.
  • Produces exact results with specified tolerances in a minimum of three planes of measurement.
  • Guarantee our work. If it’s Not in Spec, Don’t Send Us a Check!

This is How We Guarantee Perfect Roundness and Performance!

Do you need proof? PRG has been independently rated by industrial organizations and grinding equipment manufacturers as the best roll grinding company – not only in North America – but also, the world!
If your machines produce the same wet streaks year in and year out, ask why! Then, call Precision Roll Grinders. We will help your facility eliminate wet streaks once and for all.
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