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6 Reasons To Leave Roll Maintenance To The Professionals (part 2)

Our last article introduced three undeniable advantages of choosing a dedicated roll grinding and maintenance provider over an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to service your rolls. Here are three more to add to your knowledge arsenal.

FOUR: Minimized Downtime

If your business is left without rolls, you’re losing money.Roll maintenance and repair should be completed quickly and accurately, enabling your production line to run with the spares ready to go.

Since OEMs' main focus is design and manufacture, they simply don't (or can’t) allocate the resources to upgrade facilities and pursue new technologies. This means their processes and services are often plagued by inefficiencies.

Roll service experts, however, are invested in roll geometry and maintenance specifically. Their facilities are technically advanced, and their techniques artfully crafted. They are able to take your imperfect roll and restore it to its former inconsistency-free, perfectly round glory – all in record time.

FIVE: Quality Assurance

Roll maintenance and repair isn't just about restoring roundness, retracing grooves and eliminating surface inconsistencies. It also means ensuring that your roll is free of chatter, feedlines and barring.

Whereas your roll manufacturer likely does not have the capabilities to service your rolls to your exact specifications, a roll maintenance provider creates the most concentric rolls possible. If your roll service culminates in an imperfect result, it slows your production line and sacrifices the quality of your finished product. This is not conducive to a satisfied customer base and healthy bottom line.

SIX: Proper Procedure

Original equipment manufacturers don't practice what they preach: While they recommend not grinding rolls on bearings, OEM grinding shops still use this outdated process. Since it's easier, cheaper or their only capability, OEMs opt to grind rolls on machine bearings despite proper practice recommendations.

Dedicated roll service providers put forth the extra effort to provide you with an exceptional result. They grind your rolls with bearings removed to achieve your exact specifications. These roll service experts grind rolls to the tightest tolerances possible, while OEMs' tolerances are two to four times looser on average.

Choosing between your OEM and a specialized roll grinding service isn't much of a choice at all: Where OEMs fail, roll maintenance providers excel, and where OEMs overlook, specialists drill down with precision.
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