Your Most Important Choice Before an Emergency Roll Repair

Despite your best efforts, no operations manager or maintenance supervisor can prevent every roll-related emergency that could happen. The challenge is to be ready before (not when) one happens.

So what’s your most important choice before your roll-related emergency happens? Deciding which roll grinder you call.

Kellogg’s is glad that they were ready:

During a past July 4th holiday weekend, there was an emergency at the company’s Lancaster, PA, plant. An anvil roll was producing inconsistent sheets.

This faulty anvil roll:
  • Put the process equipment at risk of severe damage.
  • Compromised quality, producing an inferior product.

Kellogg’s in-house engineers:
  • Suspected their one-of-a-kind anvil roll was out-of-round, but didn’t have proof.
  • Didn’t have any drawings of the roll, which made it more complicated to determine a clear solution.
So they contacted Precision Roll Grinders (PRG). “PRG consistently goes beyond the call of duty,” said Kellogg’s Processing Maintenance Planner at the time.
In response to Kellogg’s emergency, PRG’s Kellogg’s reps traveled — despite the Fourth of July Weekend — to the Lancaster plant. There, they were able to determine the best course of action prior to Kellogg’s time and investment to transport the roll to the closest PRG location.
As a result, PRG’s quick response, innovative thinking, and expedited emergency repair service saved Kellogg’s time and money. But it began with Kellogg’s call. Before there was the emergency, there was the partnership they had with PRG.

How about you? Are you confident in your roll grinder’s ability to respond in an emergency – when every second counts (and costs)? Call Us At (610) 395-6966

In addition to our expedited roll grinding service, PRG:
  • Is OEM certified
  • Has four U.S. locations (and even more service reps who can travel to you)
  • Is capable of grinding with precision to 20-millionths-of-an-inch
  • Includes its 24-Point SpecCheck™ on every roll
  • Creators (and keepers) of the “Not in spec? Don’t send a check!” promise
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