Not All Roll Grinding Services Perform Equally A Case Study for The Nonwovens Industry

Every square inch of a 33,000-pound roll needs to perform perfectly. After a time, all rolls need maintenance. At this moment, a user has a choice of roll grinding services. Choose wisely!

Pictured: Non-woven materials are used for some of the most critical situations in the healthcare industry

A Cautionary Tale

Recently, a global manufacturer of nonwoven hygienic products received an out-of-spec roll after it was serviced. They had sent that production roll out for a regrind through their engraver. The engraver gave them a choice of roll grinding services – Precision Roll Grinders and a PRG competitor. To save money, the manufacturer chose the latter, assuming that the roll grind would cost less and be returned in spec.

Wrong on Both Counts

PRG’s competitor completed the grind and sent the roll back to the engraver. Unfortunately, the roll was ground on bearings, causing significant defects. The engraver, unaware of the issues, finished the engraving job with the faulty roll.
When put into service, the manufacturer found the roll to be significantly out of spec. It produced a poor quality nonwoven product and was removed immediately.
The manufacturer returned the roll to the engraver with a new request: Send the roll to Precision Roll Grinders!

The Proof is in The Grind Report

PRG quickly assessed the roll. All data was compiled into a Grind Report. Here’s a look at the findings:
  • The competitor’s grind was nearly a factor of four times outside the specification for the Total Indicated Runout (TIR) and the required Shape.
  • The percent bond area of the engraved pin pattern was measured at 16% vs. the targeted 18-20%.
PRG serviced the roll:
  • They disassembled the rotary, joint, bearings and housings.
  • They analyzed the before grind measurements.
  • They performed a kiss grind on the roll with the engravers present.
  • They reassembled the bearings, housing and rotary joint.
  • The took post-grind measurements.
PRG’S Roundness Graph clearly demonstrates the shape of the competitor’s roll grind vs. PRG’s:

Time and Money LOST!

The cost to repair the faulty roll was significant – about 25% of the original projected price of the project.
In addition, the time it took to install and assess the roll, remove the roll, re-grind and finish the engraving job added about six months to the timeline.

A Happy Ending

PRG delivered a perfectly round roll to the manufacturer. The grind report proved the results. No other roll grinding company can provide the same service, because no other roll grinding service is equipped to diagnose, analyze and repair a roll to our level of expertise:
  • PRG produces exact results with specified tolerances in a minimum of three planes of measurement.
  • Our work is presented in a detailed grind report.
  • We guarantee our work. If it’s Not in Spec, Don’t Send Us a Check!
Today’s non-woven market requires an increase in safe, effective manufacturing at faster speeds. To reduce unplanned downtime due to machine failure, partner with the experts – who not only understand machinery, but also your business.
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