One of the Best Ways to Maximize Recycled Paper Production

Embracing the benefits of recycling can be great for business. However, recycled paper manufacturers share one problem that can negatively affect your production (and profit):

When adding recycled content to the pulper, no one knows the exact quality of the supplied furnish from bale to bale. Recycled paper content can contain just about anything, like adhesive residue, food particles or end-of-life fibers.

Here are 3 furnish-related manufacturing risks:

1. Low quality, end-of-life fibers in the furnish can compromise paper strength and increase the probability of linting.
2. Adhesive residues can potentially build up on drainage units or curb drainage equipment effectiveness.
3. Oils, inks and other residuals in the furnish can create additional headaches in the production process. You may not be able to control what’s in your furnish, but there’s still a way to produce a consistent paper product.

Here’s one of the best ways to maximize your production:

Control What You Can

When you’re unsure of what’s in your furnish, it’s best to focus on the parts of the process that you can control. Namely, your press rolls. Well-maintained, precisely ground rolls equalize your product, no matter what’s in the furnish.

Properly ground rolls prevent:
  • MD and CD Caliper variations
  • Uneven wet felt wear
  • Wet Streaks

Properly ground rolls, in addition to a proactive maintenance schedule, prevent issues that significantly increase costs in manufacturing:
  • Web breaks
  • Unplanned equipment and press felt failure
  • Issues caused by bad bearings and/or journal abnormalities
  • Inability to control moisture streaks with profiling equipment
Recyclers tout that paper made from recycled content has come a long way in protecting our natural resources, which more of today’s consumers factor into their purchasing decisions.

Recycled furnish:
  • Saves 25% water use over virgin paper production
  • Protects our natural resources
  • Reduces greenhouse gas
  • Keeps waste out of landfills

Enjoy the benefits—without harming your manufacturing processes.

Take control. We’ll help your company evaluate, assess and restore your rolls to the tightest possible tolerances – 0.0002” or better – no matter what’s in the furnish. Call Precision Roll Grinders or contact us here. One of our roll grinding experts will provide a free, on-site consultation at your location.
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