Protect Your Trunnion Assembly Investment

Certain components are built to withstand the rigors of large scale manufacturing. For those who work in or around lime kilns, cement plants, paper mills or other heavy-duty industrial processes, some parts of your line may seem nearly invincible.
Operations Managers and Maintenance Supervisors often take these components for granted – simply because they almost never require repair.

Take Trunnions For Example.

Trunnions are generally made well and perform as designed for a long time. So long, in fact, that you might be surprised when, after 15-20 years of service, a trunnion needs work. Typical repairs may include:
  • Mounts
  • Bearings
  • Arms
  • Shafts
  • Lugs, Pipes, Rings and Seals
Where Can You Go for Fast, Effective Trunnion Repair?

Since 1970, Precision Roll Grinders has both the equipment and expertise to maintain and restore even the largest trunnions. Our grinders and lathes, run by experienced technicians, can handle trunnions ranging from a 43” x 21” up to a 54” x 29” face, at weights of up to 35K lbs. or more. Our services include repairs to:
  • Flat spot damage resulting from a bearing lock-up while a kiln continues to turn
  • Chatter marks to eliminated additional chatter transfer to a larger drum ring
  • Damaged bearing seats and seal areas
  • Journal gouges common following torch removal of bearing inner races
  • Bearing fits for setups involving inner races
  • Restore journals to allow new bearing sleeves for sleeve style bearings
Prevent Costly Downtime with Precision Roll Grinders

Trunnion repair may be rare, but the consequences of unplanned trunnion failure could mean the added costs associated with downtime or costly replacement.
If your facility is like most, you may only have a single spare trunnion to cover all positions. Don’t worry.  With locations around the country, PRG can often expedite service.  In addition, we will help identify any possible areas of concern.
If you’ve never partnered with a grinding service who specializes in trunnion repair, consider a free consultation at your facility.
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