The Darkest Profitability Killers In Chocolate Manufacturing

Are you struggling to maintain high levels of profitability with your current chocolate manufacturing process? Maximizing profits and minimizing downtime is a challenge for many food manufacturers.

So, where should you start? By evaluating your roll grinding service.

Your chocolate manufacturing process, like many types of food production, is a precise science. For enhanced quality control and reliability, your machinery must operate with as few imperfections as possible.

Roll defects, such as chatter, barring and feedlines, not only damage the quality of the products you manufacture (with major implications on your reputation), but also eat away at your production efficiency (which cuts deeply into your bottom line). If your roll grinding service isn’t employing the necessary processes and equipment to eliminate these defects and precisely grind your rolls, you’re wasting your resources.

It’s time to find out: Are the following effects of improper roll grinding directly impacting your profitability?

Gritty Product

Your end goal in all of this? To produce the best chocolate product for your customers – the kind that’s smooth and creamy, that meets their standards of quality and that keeps them coming back for more business.

You must ensure a consistent roll surface from end to end in order to manufacture chocolate of this caliber. If you’re working with a faulty roll maintenance provider, you risk producing an inconsistent product with a gritty texture.

The result of your chocolate manufacturing process should be a superior product that satisfies your customers and protects your profits. This mission is only achievable when you partner with a precision roll grinding company.

Reduced Yield

So, what happens when you wind up with a gritty end product or it doesn’t meet your clients’ specifications? If it’s not sellable, it goes to waste.

The time and money you spend to produce this waste is an investment you can’t get back. You lose hours and dollars on production, and your diminished yield means lower profits.

To get the most yield (and the greatest profitability) out of your chocolate manufacturing process, it’s essential to focus on the quality of your rolls.

Unexpected Downtime

When downtime occurs unexpectedly, it’s a huge detractor from your profitability.

You rely on your machines to produce a specific volume of chocolate every day. For every minute that your machinery is down, you lose valuable manufacturing time, employee hours and, ultimately, profits.

Preventing this loss requires a partnership with a reliable roll maintenance company that provides precision grinding services. With properly ground rolls, you’re able to maximize your uptime and ensure that your chocolate manufacturing process is running smoothly and profitably.
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