WEBINAR - Paper Machine Calender Rolls: Precision Roll Grinding For Optimum Performance

The calender did it!
Many paper machine production issues seem to appear mysteriously. Calender rolls could be the prime suspect.

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Papermakers — that’s who. Problems on a paper machine that inexplicably appear and whose causes are not obvious cost papermakers money. Money to troubleshoot the problem. Money lost to wasted material. Money to ultimately fix the problem. The costs add up quickly.

Can’t figure out what’s causing inconsistent sheet strength? Are there paper breaks mysteriously occurring around the dry end of the reel ? Are snap-offs occurring on the winder that can't be attributed to an obvious crack on the edge or some other contributing factor? These and many other head-scratching issues can typically be traced back to a single culprit. The calender rolls.

In its latest webinar, “Paper Machine Calender Rolls Precision Grinding for Optimum Performance,” Precision Roll Grinder explains why calender rolls can be the cause of many problems that plague paper machines. And, more importantly, how properly ground calender stacks can eliminate these issues and, in turn, generate increased profits.

Through validated case studies and its more than 50 years of experience in servicing and grinding paper calender rolls, PRG details the economic value that properly ground calender rolls can bring to the paper-making process. From long-term ROI through quicker start-ups and longer roll run life. To the immediate cost savings achieved through decreased product variation, improved strength variability and fewer sheet breaks.

The webinar also highlights actual savings achieved for PRG customers and discusses questions manufacturers should be asking their current roll service provider to ensure they are receiving the best-quality rolls. All in all, it’s a thorough examination of the true economic impact that calenders have on a paper machine.

Gain a better understanding of how important the calender stack is to your paper machine, production line and bottom line. Click the link below or download the PDF here.

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