Rise and shine every day to bigger profits
Cereal and food manufacturers who focus on their flaker rolls find the resulting savings to be greeeeaaaaat!

Breakfast, it’s been said, is the most important meal of the day. It certainly is to one group — the cereal manufacturers who churn out millions of pounds of the popular flaked product. Perhaps, now more so than ever.

With a spike in demand for breakfast cereals due to more people eating at home during the pandemic, manufacturers are being asked to run more efficiently and faster than ever before — on the same heavily used platforms they’ve been running on for years — while maintaining flake quality. Achieving the consistent flake thickness that results in high output and lower costs is heavily dependent on the flaker rolls. Which is why precision roll grinding and servicing is so very important in cereal as well as food production.

Better geometry (the roll’s roundness and concentricity). Better surface finish. Better internal mechanics and maintenance leading to better temperature control. They all lead to more production … less downtime … and significantly improved profitability for your facility.

PRG’s newest webinar in its online series — “Precision Roll Grinding for Optimal Cereal and Food Production” — discusses the many ways that flaker rolls impact production, and more importantly, how proper service and maintenance of these rolls can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Decades of expertise in the cereal and food production industry are shared by PRG. Learn the importance of maintaining roll finishes throughout the life of flaker rolls to optimize their productivity … and how precision roll maintenance is responsible for maintaining the all-so-critical consistent temperature across the face of your rolls. Understand how a roll’s roundness affects how consistent the nip is … and the relationship between concentricity and a substrate’s effectiveness. And much more.

Discover how proper roll servicing, grinding and maintenance could save your mill a considerable of money. Watch "Precision Roll Grinding for Optimal Cereal and Food Production" by clicking below or download it here.
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