Chrome Sweet Chrome

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, is often quoted as having said: “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend four sharpening my axe.” It’s a pretty insightful saying from Honest Abe that cleverly captures the importance of preparation — in essence, proper preparation is essential if a job is to be done well and correctly.

Now, Abe might have been grinding an axe in his shared words of advice, but the same could be said for another sort of grinding as well — chrome roll grinding services. Specifically, pre-grinds.

When dealing with chrome roll applications, the importance of the pre-grind cannot be understated. It’s like the foundation of a house — a lot is dependent on it. When the chrome is properly applied to the roll, variations are reduced, substrate life is extended and high-quality finishes can be achieved. And don’t forget that proper pre-grinding extends roll life, too — enabling you to get as many grinds as possible with that roll. All of which optimize and maximize your investment in the servicing of your rolls.

Abe’s proper preparation might have brought down a tree easier — but yours is going to slash expenses and grow profits.

Precision Roll Grinders, the respected leader in roll grinding — with decades of experience in servicing chrome rolls and a list of long-time customers to prove it — shares its industry expertise in its latest webinar, “Improving your Chrome Roll Operations with Precision Rolls.” In it, PRG shows how proper chrome roll services — grinding, finishing AND mechanical maintenance — result in a concrete ROI, improving your bottom line.

Learn why a roll’s roundness, concentricity and shape are ALL critical to improving roll performance and productivity. Hear why chrome roll grinding should never be done on bearings. Understand which internals need to be consistently monitored and maintained. Get tips on cutting start-up time and extending roll life. And many more eye-opening and money-saving insights.

Watch “Improving your Chrome Roll Operations with Precision Rolls” today by clicking on the link below or download the presentation here.

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