Today’s lesson:
Reduced streaks = higher moisture = increased production

Tissue and towel producers are no different than other paper producers when it comes to what they want — high quality, no rejects and material uniformity. Standing in their way to this efficiency and profitability, however, is an issue unique to this industry: roll contamination.

Did you take Economics back when you were in school? The Keynesian Theory, macro-economics, laissez-faire. Whew — thank goodness, it was only for a semester!  But economics is a subject that papermakers need to ace every day, all year long, year after year
The key to the economic side of running paper presses — as shown in the equation above — is the proper management of moisture content. A paper machine operator’s profitability lies in the ability to run as close as possible to the ideal moisture target. Quite often, that moisture target has to be reduced to manage the streaks that are coming out of the press section. And one of the most common ways to do this is to drop the machine speed. Which means less product, which means … you got it … less profit. (You did retain something from that semester — give yourself an “A”!)
Press rolls play a huge part in your press’s ability to run fast with few wet streaks. How huge? Watch Precision Roll Grinder’s newest webinar “Paper Machine Press Roll Need Precision Grinding and Servicing” to see the impact rolls have on the economics of papermaking. PRG illustrates why a roll’s roundness, shape and concentricity are key to your paper press’s efficiency.
This webinar shows how PRG-serviced rolls enabled a client to bump up its moisture target from 6.2% to 7%, resulting in a savings of more than $1,000,000 a year on a single paper machine. He explains why mechanical work on press rolls is as important as grinding — and how the two in tandem can improve roll life and startup. He also discusses why you should never have your rolls ground on their bearings … and much, much more.
Get all the specifics today by watching our information-packed webinar “Paper Machine Press Roll Need Precision Grinding and Servicing” below or download it here.

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