Huh, imagine that —
a relationship that saves   you money.

Here at Precision Roll Grinders, we always encourage manufacturers to rethink the way they view the costs associated with roll grinding. The truth is, grinding and servicing your rolls should not be seen as a one-time transaction — once and done like buying a can of soup at the supermarket.

Roll grinding is actually a long-term investment that will pay returns each time your rolls are serviced. If it’s done properly. By an expert who has all the answers, whenever you need them. It’s not much different really than finding a good auto mechanic you can trust. (And you know how valuable that can be.)

Precision Roll Grinders looks at the economic value your roll service provider can — and should — offer in its newest webinar “Your Roll Grinding and Services Provider Should be a Trusted Advisor.” It’s a helpful, must-have checklist of what to look for in a provider … and what benefits a provider should be delivering to you.

Through validated studies and examples, the webinar explains what questions to ask a provider and why. Questions like … How many years of experience do you have? Do you specialize in roll service or are you just a general machine shop? Do you understand my industry and specific operations? Do you grind your rolls in place? Take them out and grind within the bearings? To what tolerance can you grind?

“Your Roll Grinding and Services Provider Should be a Trusted Advisor” also looks at a number of ways you can measure if your provider is giving you the value that it should. Can your provider explain to you what, if any, economic benefit there is to its service recommendations? Has your provider sat with you and conducted a joint design of experiment to determine value-driven improvements? Can it explain to you the difference you could expect in roll life if your rolls were ground to .0002 vs. .0008? If not, then you need to find one that can.

Partnering with a proven roll grinding and services provider that understands your challenges and is always looking out for your best interest results in savings that quickly add up. Reduction in variation, faster production speed, material savings and longer roll life — just to name few. Which is why you need to watch PRG's "Your Roll Grinding and Services Provider Should be a Trusted Advisor" today. Click the link below or download the PDF here.

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