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More Than Just the Grind: What to Look for in a Winning Roll Grinder

People don't do business with companies—people do business with people. The best relationships exceed the ability to produce a quality product. Excellent customer service is also key. Make sure the roll grinder you partner with is committed to your success—from the initial meeting, through final delivery and follow-up.
Your satisfaction depends on more than just the grind itself. Here are some things to look for in a precision grinding service:

Ask This Question About Roll Tolerances: Radius Vs. Diameter?

You should feel confident that your rolls will perform at or better than the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards. Seems simple, right?
However, in recent years, the paper industry has relaxed its tolerance specifications. Looser tolerances cause profile variations (CD and MD), wet streaks, and variations in product thickness. Those issues affect your product quality. In addition, bad product puts your entire company’s reputation at risk.

Be sure to ask your prospective roll grinder this question, if they tell you the roll will be ground to 0.0002 inches: “Does that measurement apply to the radius or diameter?” If the answer is diameter, the tolerance is accurate: 0.0002 inches. If the answer is radius, then the actual tolerance could be as high as 0.0004 inches. 

Also, if one roll grinder quotes “plus or minus” 0.0002”, then the total variation on diameter cannot exceed 0.0002”.  If a provider’s quote is based on radius with a “plus and minus” tolerance of 0.0002”, then they are actually at a total of 0.0008” or almost a thousandth of an inch.

Are They Intimidated by the Complex?

The right roll grinding service will be bold and skilled enough to consider complex challenges—yet also honest and fair. If limits exist, that company should tell you so.  
The best roll grinding service will take the time to know you and your business. They investigate, help navigate ROI, and most importantly, tell you the hard and true facts about your maintenance situation.
It may be easier to give the customer an easy, inexpensive fix. However, if it doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem, you will likely experience unplanned downtime and significant revenue loss.

Customer Service Is All About the Details

Your precision grinding service should understand that downtime affects the bottom line. Customer service and reliable delivery is as important as technical skill. Your roll grinding service should provide an accurate analysis of the project, a timely estimate, clear pricing, detailed documentation and a specific delivery date. No exceptions!

Precision Roll Grinders

Precision Roll Grinders is known for fixing what other roll grinders won't or can’t take on. We will take the time to investigate, help you evaluate your ROI, and most importantly, be fair and straightforward.
As a valued partner, we go beyond the grind in helping determine the best course of action. Whether you need a corrective repair or preventive maintenance, we work so you don’t have to worry.
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