WEBINAR - The Case For Precision Grinding Of Calender Rolls On Linerboard Machines

“It’s just linerboard...”.
Linerboard manufacturers have a tendency to dismiss the care of their machines’ calender rolls. That’s a costly mistake.

Ask a producer of linerboard about the need for precision calender roll grinding. The response is roughly the same … “It’s just linerboard. I don't need a high level of precision, particularly around calendar stack rolls.”

And our response is: “Uh, yes you do.”

Yeah, linerboard isn’t very glamorous. We get it. Corrugated board, for the most part, doesn’t need to be pretty. But, for a variety of reasons, it does need to have strength. And that’s where the calender rolls — specifically the care of those rolls — is so extremely important.

In our latest webinar, “The Case for Precision Grinding of Calender Rolls on Linerboard Machines” we discuss why linerboard manufacturers should look at their calender stacks with a critical eye and how doing so can create substantial economic savings.

We examine the proven relationship between quality-ground rolls, caliper variation and strength variation — how caliper profile is very important not only to the downstream runnability and convertibility of the paper, but also to the strength that you're building into your linerboard sheet. How controlling the variability coming out the calender stack can reduce spool losses, improve winder runnability and possibly reduce sheet breaks at the dry-end. And how properly ground calender rolls have a longer run life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs which in turn increase profitability.

Additionally, through a series of real-world case studies, we’ll detail how the efficiencies gained by precision-ground rolls had a huge economic impact on the bottom lines of actual linerboard-producing clients. The one case study outlines how a client saved almost $1,000,000 a year after having its calender rolls properly ground and serviced.

If you’re a linerboard manufacturer, we encourage you to rethink your view of calender rolls and invite you to watch our “The Case for Precision Grinding of Calender Rolls on Linerboard Machines” webinar below or download the PDF here.

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